Before you start, read this...

In order to make sure we give your boss the best experience, there are a few things we need to make sure of first.

  • Must be able to attend full day event on one of these dates: 15/06/18 - 16/06/18 from 10am-3pm
  • Bosses body weight must be under 105kg due to combined weight for the parachute (extra cost may apply)
  • Minimum funds raised must be completed 48 hours before your selected jump day
  • Be available to check your phone on jump day at 7:30am for any possible weather warning.

If neither of these dates are suitable, SA Skydive will do their best to accommodate your chosen date (subject to availability)

Registration Form

Boss’s Details

For the one being dropped out of a plane!

Staff/Organisers Details

The contact person. ie. the one who’s organising it, and spreading the word!
I agree to the terms of registration above, and confirm that all information provided is correct at the time it is submitted